Cambridge B-Movie film festival returns for a third year!

The festival will take place between the 28th and 29th of July in Cambridge Junction.

Born from a love of cheesy B-movies, this year’s selection will be a balance of new and old, along with a mix of 80’s mullet action and splatter gore mayhem.

B-movies have existed all the way through film history, from the early silent days right up to recent times. Often the films are being made with little or not budget, pushing creatives to find innovative methods to achieve results. From egg-boxes lining space ship corridors to extras in giant rubber suits, all these fabulous DIY touches add pure class to any feature.

With many of these B-movies and grind house films no longer seeing the light of day in a mainstream cinema, it has become extremely hard to view these movies in the correct setting. This is why small film festivals like this must continue to be supported.

Films will be screened in HD, Betamax, VHS or LaserDisc.

Visit the Cambridge B Movie website for more information.


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